Hapto Office is providing Covid-19 Support
to Offices

We're here to support your business, fight through the covid-19 pandemic and ready for upcoming challenges

Covid19 – Its time to Re-invent

You’ve worked hard to build a successful business – now, you may be struggling to keep the lights on.
We want to support you by providing guidance on navigating the COVID-19 crisis and insights on how to prepare for a post COVID-19 world.

We’re dedicated to helping you use present difficulties to your business’ future advantage through the power of digital transformation.
We’re here to make powerful technology that will elevate your employee experiences and unify your operations.
This, we believe, will be important in helping your business recover faster and thrive in better times.
Here’s how organizations can focus their efforts effectively and use this downtime to emerge stronger:

Partner with Hapto Office

Hapto Office provides Holistic Work
and Office  Experience Digitally

Stay Connected with your Team Members

Hapto Office helps build Personalised
Project Pods for work Communication & Collboration

Come out stronger

We aim to help Offices reset their
strategy and build resilience

Offices in the post COVID-19 world

The COVID-19 crisis will pass. But are you ready for how the crisis will transform the industry?
Hapto Office is in the mission of partnering with fitness studio on the long-term impact of
COVID-19 on our industry and how we must adapt to meet new challenges.

Empowering Offices today, for a better tomorrow

As an Employer, you help your employees feel good and find Job satisfaction every day. Lets partner together, you can now sign up to earn credits and start using our service.

Our best wishes to all the Offices and Managers to stay healthy and safe. We can beat this. As you make use of the features, we are already exploring other ways to make Offices more organized and enjoyable for your Employees.

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