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A Hybrid Office
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Advanced tools, simple enough for everyone to use

From running a Software company to Selling Real Estate Spaces, Hapto Office makes configuring and managing your Managers, Leads and Employees easy. Hapto Office works from any browser and is also avaialable on Android and Apple devices.


We grow people, brands & businesses

Take the pain out of growing your Office and Business. Hapto Office is fast and inexpensive to scale, so you can get set up and start working in no time. Add new managers, Team members and Projects with just one click.


Access your Office work anywhere, anytime

Break free from the front desk, studio or office. Hapto Office is a cloud-based software, so you can sign in and work from anywhere. Easily access information on your member & staff and always have the latest data.


Role Based Modules, here to help you succeed

Role based Access controls for Employee, Lead, and Team Manager to manage and run the Projects/Business fluidly. Our Office Tech software is leading the charge in giving Business owners the resources they need to succeed.

We also Provide White Labelled solution and custom features as per your Business Requirements

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